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10 Fun Facts about Cats Everyone Should Know meow (now, sorry)!

Where to begin...? How much do you know about your feline companion. Here are some fun facts about cats that might surprise you…

Fact #1 - Cats love to sleep The secret is out! Yes, cats love to sleep, and you might have been jealous of your cat’s ability to spend all day asleep, especially after a busy week at work (as if cats need to work beside getting fed and...sleep.) Most cats spend around 12 and 15 hours asleep on the average day - as they grow older, they sleep more.

Fact #2 - Cats spend more than 30% of waking hours grooming Grooming has some serious beneficial to your cat’s health and wellbeing, for example, stimulating her blood flow, providing protection against parasites, and helping to regulate her temperature. Some experts estimate the amount of time cats spend on self-cleaning can be 30% when they are awake or even higher.

Fact #3 - Your cat is flexible because of the bones they have While human-beings have 206 bones in our bodies, cats have more than 230. The fact that they do not have collar bone and having a small chest cavity gives cats the super-ability to squeeze into small spaces. The extra bones in a cat’s spine and tail give her added flexibility.

Fact #4 - Unlike their dogs, cats can’t taste sweet foods All cats are obligate carnivores (diet consists of at least 70 percent meat), and lack the gene to taste sweet foods. Even so, do bear in mind to keep your food (CHOCOLATE) out of reach!

Fact #5 - Your cats favour your handedness

Just as you are right or left-handed, your cat favours a right or left front paw. Up to 90% of female cats are believed to be right pawed, while male cats are more likely to be left handed.

Fact #6 - Cats have a third eyelid Like many mammals, cats have a third eyelid, (a.k.a inner eyelid). This inner membrane helps to keep your cat’s eyes clean and healthy, by removing dust and dirt, and helping to keep their eyes moisturised.

Fact #7 - Cat noses are unique Like humans' fingerprints, which is unique, every cat’s nose has its very own pattern.

Fact #8 - Your cat’s purr could have healing powers Cat purring has been shown to fall between 25 and 140 Hz, which has been found to promote healing. Purring releases endorphins in cats, and it can do the same thing in humans, too. Receiving the sound frequency from purring can lower stress hormones, blood pressure, and can with illness discovery too.

Fact #9 - Your cat can be the best athlete The average running speed of a domestic cat is around 48 km/h. Put into context, world-record keeper Usain Bolt runs 43.45 km/h.

Your average domestic cat can jump vertically to a height of at least 154 cm without running.

Fact #10 - Cats were worshipped by the ancient Egyptians In ancient Egypt, cats were often mummified after their death by their owners, killing a cat (even accidentally) could result in death sentence. When a cat died, her owner would usually shave off their own eyebrows as a gesture of respect.

For professional advice on your furry friend, get in touch with your local vet.


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